Taylor-Made Private Tours of Rhodes

See Rhodes through the eyes of an experienced driver (since 1995), sitting comfortably in our luxury vehicles. 
During your one expected day on our home island you will see in a convenient way all the major sights of Rhodes.
Our drivers have a knowledgeable background of the Greek history and Mythology and they are able to tell you all about the sights during the tour
We provide ONLY Mercedes-Benz vehicles (E-class 2013 & S-class 2013), fully equipped and fully insured.

We are also available to offer our services to larger group of visitors.

We  hope  you  will  give  us  the  opportunity  to  show  you  our  home  island  in  a convenient & pleasant way!

Choose from the tours below based on what pleases you more. 

•      Rhodes town and Lindos village – Acropolis   (5 hours tour)

•      Rhodes town, Lindos & Butterflies valley   (7 hours tour)

•       Jewish related sites  (6 hours tour)

•       Disabled cruisers  (5 hours tour)

•       Rhodes town country & wine tasting (7 hours tour)

•       Tours for kids  (5 hours tour)

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any question regarding our tours.

Contact us through our web page, read more information and BOOK NOW !

You will receive an answer of your enquiry within 24 hours.
Thank   You  in  advance  for  your  choice!
George Sialadakis
Mobile: +30 6944 390 535